About Us

BUCHANAN AND ASSOCIATES is a consultancy specializing in infrastructure planning; “Asset Management”.

It is B&A’s belief that the techniques available in an Asset Management environment enables an organization to align their strategic goals and aspirations with day to day activities to address aging infrastructure in poorest condition and of highest risk first, minimizing risk; whole of life cost, and maximizing resource availability and utilization.

Asset Management is a cradle to grave philosophy. It is Management’s work to agree with its customers the desired levels of service and to communicate them within the organization. It is Operations and Maintenance work to utilize, optimize and ensure the availability of the installed assets fulfill the desired levels of service. It is Planning, Engineering, and Construction’s work to plan, renew, replace and grow the infrastructure on a just in time basis to enable the fulfillment of the required levels of service.

“Work” is no longer identified by subject matter experts, it is identified on evidence based rich data, and prioritized to eliminate, minimize, or mitigate risk.

Additionally, Finance, Information Technology, and Human Resources have work plans that support the asset centric scene.

It is the domain of asset owners to be the asset managers, B&A wish to be your coach that helps improve outputs and outcomes in the pursuit of excellence. It is our intent to empower our clients with knowledge that results in “Asset Management” becoming their mantra.